Learn Modern JavaScript Methods by Building Football Team Cards - Step 25

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Learn Modern JavaScript Methods by Building Football Team Cards - Step 25


what needs to be done here?

you need to have playerCards.innerHTML += at the beginning of the line, and the arr.map after that, map for now will take an empty callback, like () => {}



this does not work

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oh dear, this looks like a bug! it works if you add spaces around +=

would you mind opening a github issue about this?

github no, I didn’t understand anything, even the basic HTML codes on this resource will never be understood, so it’s better to figure it out yourself, but at the moment I don’t understand anything, how can I write it correctly if there are no examples?

the curriculum is a beta version all the feedback from users is important to make the final version of the curriculum! so please, share which steps you find difficult, where you think there should be examples, and where you find bugs in the tests

This is a code that more than one beginner will not understand, such an incomprehensible notation, where it comes from and what is happening here, in order to give such examples here, you need to learn to prepare by examples, and not at random

I have opened the issue for the tests issue

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do you mean that this is the first time that the map function has been introduced?

yes, if there is an array, then why make another array, and even with a map method? if he already has this array? one could understand if this is an object or something else, then it turns the element into an array, of course I never understood the logic of Javascript, but I always have a lot of questions)))

I also believe that there should be feedback at every stage to understand the rating of classes, and resolve the issue with each student if he gives a bad rating.

map transforms an array in an other array, as this is to create the innerHTMl of an element I would guess the steps will be making an array of strings where each string is html elements needed to rapresent the data from the original array, and then the array will be joined to a single string that will be what is added to innerHTML, it is a common pattern, but to see it all you will need to progress in the steps

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you can provide feedback for each step or project, here on the forum or ideally on the github issue tracker, and feedback is taken into consideration to improve the projects, even though up to now I have not seen actionable feedback from you, saying you don’t understand something is not enough to make improvements to the project

on github, I repeat, there is nothing to figure out, much less leave a review, this should be done in the same place where the problem is being solved, and not on a third-party resource, where you will never understand what is there and where to look)

GitHub is not a third party resource, GitHub - freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp: freeCodeCamp.org's open-source codebase and curriculum. Learn to code for free. t is the codebase repository, and where all the bugs, issues, feature requests are tracked, and where the PRs to fix the issues are opened

I gave you the link directly to open an issue on that repository, which is this one, you can also see all the open issues at Issues · freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp · GitHub

And where can I leave reviews? And where can I see the ratings of these steps?

Let’s be fair here, GitHub is a third-party.


You can open an issue on the issue tracker.

But it isn’t meant for you to get help with challenges, but for you to post specific issues you encounter. You can ask that a challenge be better explained but you can’t just keep opening issues every time you see something you do not immediately understand.

You should start on the forum and if some consensus is reached that the challenge step needs a fix only then would it be appropriate to open an issue.

There are no ratings and I do not foresee such a feature to be implemented. The challenges will not have feedback options attached to them as that would most likely be totally unmanageable.

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Solution for this task is assigning the new array into innerHTML of playerCards.
Initially I also got stuck then I somehow figured it out.

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