Learn Modern JavaScript Methods By Building Football Team Cards - Step 44

case “forward”:setPlayerCards(players.filter(player => {player.position === forward}))
this is what i interpret the code to say and i dont get where im going wrong please help me withan link to see where actually is that i not interpreting clearly what been said


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Learn Modern JavaScript Methods By Building Football Team Cards - Step 44

You need to emplicitly return the result of player position equal to forward.

how exactly do i emplicitly return it cause in my mind
{player.position == forward} this is what comes to mind

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You don’t need to use this {}

Sorry, your code does not pass. Hang in there.

Your filter() callback should implicitly return the result of checking if player.position is forward.
and my code is
case “forward”:setPlayerCards(players.filter((player) => player.position == forward)

still not sure of where im going wrong

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both of your forward need to be a string


Thank u i have solved the problem and im done thank u truly

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