Learn More About CSS Pseudo Selectors By Building A Balance Sheet - Step 53

hi guys, i have already finished this step with success but i don’t understand the instru ctions :
<<tbody td { width: 100vw;
min-width: 4rem;
max-width: 4rem; }>>
there is contadiction between "width: 100vw " and min-width and max-width fixed for 4rem i mean if wdith is already set by min and max how and why set again width with 100vw

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Challenge: Learn More About CSS Pseudo Selectors By Building A Balance Sheet - Step 53

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I believe that max-width and min-width will only work properly if an actual width is specified.

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thank you for this answer but i don´t because in docmentation don’t say this

thank for everything and Happy Coding.


My thoughts on the width, min-width, and max-width. I would think this way with height, max-height and min-height, too.

width is the preferred width.
min-width is to prevent it from going below a set width for visual presentation.
max-width is to prevent it from going beyond a set width for visual presentation.

Both min-width and max-width could be set to prevent it for being badly distorted, or not visible in some areas.

This is just my thoughts on it and I could be wrong.

I am still learning and have completed this step. This is how I perceive it to be.

Happy coding! :slight_smile:

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sorry for the late . thank you for your answer but for me i think when we set both max-width and min-width to 4rem is exactly same set “width” equals to 4rem but width is already set to 100vw.
but i think the units rem and vw are the reasons why we do this instructions.
thanks for everything and happy coding

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It all good!

I guess my view (or perception) is my way to break it down for my own understanding. Like I said, I am still learning. Thank you for the helping me to see what you mean. If it is giving the exact same value for both the max-width and min-width, why the width. I was thinking in the way of two completely different values.
Thanks again!

Happy coding! :slight_smile:

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