Learn Recursion by Building a Decimal to Binary Converter - Step 104

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I am struggling with this step. Cannot access id values.

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Learn Recursion by Building a Decimal to Binary Converter - Step 104

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You are close here. It looks like you are trying to use a template literal to get the inputVal. Do template literals use regular single quotes or back ticks?

But spoiler alert, the tests won’t accept a template literal, so you can forget about using that method. And really, you don’t need to. Even though inputVal is a number, it will be automatically converted to a string when passed into getElementById. So there’s your hint :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you. If others have the same mistake, here is correct way -

[Answer removed]

Hey @sfrnv, I know you are new here so this is just a friendly reminder. We don’t post code solutions in here. Instead, we try to help people find the answers for themselves. So I’ve removed the answer from your last post.


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Hello @Zan1 . Please read what @bbsmooth said about not providing code solutions, since freeCodeCamp approach is to help find the answers, not give them.