Learn Recursion by Building a Decimal to Binary Converter-Step-90

Next, use the .forEach() method to loop through the animationData array. For the .forEach() method’s callback function, pass in obj as a parameter, but leave the body of the callback function empty for now.

I tried different ways, but non of them is working:
My code:
animationData.forEach(obj => {});
// or this one:
animationData.forEach(function(obj) {});

Please post the link to the Step. Thanks

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Sorry, but the “Help” button won’t come up…

You can copy-paste the URL from your browser’s address bar.

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Like that? I hope it works

This exact line works for me - I’d reset the step and make sure you have no accidental additional code changes.

Thanks a lot bro, I’m back to game!

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