Learn Recursion by Solving the Tower of Hanoi Puzzle - Step 38

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The conditionals you wrote previously are only valid for odd numbers of disks.

Add a nested if to execute when n is odd, and add one indent level to your print() and make_allowed_move() calls.

I’m stuck to this step, i have to check if the number of disk are odd but the code don’t pass.

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number_of_moves = 2**NUMBER_OF_DISKS - 1
rods = {
    'A': list(range(NUMBER_OF_DISKS, 0, -1)),
    'B': [],
    'C': []

def move(n, source, auxiliary, target):
    # display starting configuration
    print(rods, '\n')
    for i in range(number_of_moves):
        remainder = (i + 1) % 3
        if remainder == 1:
            if   (n % 2 != 0) :
                print(f'Move {i + 1} allowed between {source} and {target}')
                make_allowed_move(source, target)

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Learn Recursion by Solving the Tower of Hanoi Puzzle - Step 38

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Remove the parentheses, then remove the space before the colon.

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remove the parenthesis here, they are not needed in Python and it can confuse the tests

Thanks U all, the code passed :+1:

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