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Hi everyone, I type this command to the Postgre but it doesn’t work. I don’t know why. Can you give me some suggesstions please?

Toad is next. Instead of viewing all the rows to find his id, you can just view his row with a WHERE condition. You used several earlier to delete and update rows. You can use it to view rows as well. Here’s an example:

SELECT columns FROM table_name WHERE condition;

A condition you used before was username='Samus'. Find Toad’s id by viewing the character_id and name columns from characters for only his row.

I’m not sure what command you are exactly typing, if you are copy pasting the example it wont work. However if you are typing:

SELECT character_id, name FROM characters WHERE username='Toad';

It should work… Have you written it like that?

Thank you for the advice. I found the problem. I mistakenly type something like '… So I forget to type ’ to close the command. So for all trials, errors displayed. Solution is that I put ’ to close the first command. than type the correct command.