Learn SQL by Building a Student Database: Part 1 - Not showing as completed

Hi, I completed this part 1 course , but it’s not showing as being complete in my FCC Curriculum. I tried closing out of CodeAlly, opening it back up and it still shows completed, opening up FCC in a new window, etc.

I realize it won’t prevent me from completing the projects, but after all the work, it would be nice to see it checked off.

Thanks for any ideas.

Have you checked troubleshooting steps in the pinned post?

Yes I tried all of them.

There’s no “complete” button after the final step that says I’ve finished, instead a code ally pop up appears offering me to choose another pathway.

I’ll look again in the morning and see if anything has changed.

I’ve already started then next one but when I go back and check the part 1, it behaves the same way and still doesn’t show as completed.

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The troubleshooting step says:

Clicking ‘continue’ is what triggers your progress to get saved. There’s a chance you didn’t click it or something went wrong. Open your finished course back up and it should take you to that screen. Click the continue button again to save your progress to your freeCodeCamp account.

Have you done this?

Have you tried the one where you recycle the vm also?

One of the things worked, finally. Maybe there’s a shell that runs every hour or something to communicate?

Thanks for your help!

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