Learn String Manipulation by Building a Cipher - Step 12

I’m new to Python and am still learning. I’m stuck on step 12 and am not sure what I’m missing. I believe I’ve correctly identified my string and properly formatted the find function, but it still doesn’t pass. My code is below:


Please post a link to the Step. Thanks

Of course! Apologies. Here’s the step.

is that all your code?

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Yes, for this step this is all of the code I have. The previous step (step 11) says:

declare another variable called alphabet . Assign the string abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz to this variable.

I did this, and it passed, which allowed me to move to step 12, where I am currently stuck.

where is the text variable?

You need to un-delete the code you removed

Adding the code from the previous step worked! Thank you!

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