Learn String Manipulation by Building a Cipher - Step 16

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I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here… The Module states to “Declare a variable named shifted and assign it the alphabet letter at index plus shift”. However, when I run my script, I get the following message:

Sorry, your code does not pass. Keep trying.
You should assign the alphabet letter at the index index + shift to your new variable.

I believe the code is correct because the module shows that var shifted is assigned the letter “K” but I cant get passed this problem… I checked google, I ran the script in IDE complier, etc but no luck. Can someone please help?

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text = 'Hello World'
shift = 3
alphabet = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'
index = alphabet.find(text[0].lower())
letter = index + shift
shifted = alphabet[letter]

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Learn String Manipulation by Building a Cipher - Step 16

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Welcome to the forum @sonnyhot

From the error message.

You should assign the `alphabet` letter at the index `index + shift` to your new variable.

The instructions did not ask you you declare two new variables.
The tests are looking at the variable shifted to see if the alphabet index assigns the correct letter (and is looking for certain code).

Remove the letter variable and declare just one variable.

Happy coding