Learn String Manipulation by Building a Cipher - Step 53

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whats wrong with my code.Its give me this massge (You should pass text and shift as the arguments to your function call by including them inside the parentheses. Don’t forget to separate the arguments with a comma.)

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text = 'Hello Zaira'
shift = 3

def caesar(message=text, offset=shift):
    alphabet = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'
    encrypted_text = ''

    for char in message.lower():
        if char == ' ':
            encrypted_text += char
            index = alphabet.find(char)
            new_index = (index + offset) % len(alphabet)
            encrypted_text += alphabet[new_index]
    print('plain text:', message)
    print('encrypted text:', encrypted_text)

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# caesar()

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Learn String Manipulation by Building a Cipher - Step 53

you need only to work or make changes in the User Editable Region, not anywhere else

This is the function call:

This is where you define the function, the function definition:

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It is great that you solved the challenge, but instead of posting your full working solution, it is best to stay focused on answering the original poster’s question(s) and help guide them with hints and suggestions to solve their own issues with the challenge.

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Thank for your suggestion. I totally forgot about this .I am glad to tell me bro