Learn the Date Object by Building a Date Formatter - Step 18


const exampleSentence = “selur pmaCedoCeerf”.split(‘’);



Sorry, your code does not pass. Hang in there.

You should assign "selur pmaCedoCeerf".split() to your exampleSentence variable.

This doesn’t make any sense. I am literally doing what it’s telling me I am not doing. :neutral_face:

You have a quotes as an argument inside your .split(). The split function doesn’t use an argument to do its job.

Edit: a typo easily causes code to not run as it should. If your code doesn’t pass, read through it and confirm there are no typos.

I didn’t mean to paste that version, that was the last thing I tried. But originally I did as you said:

const exampleSentence = “selur pmaCedoCeerf”.split();


Is that a space in between the string and function and the parenthesis? I can’t tell on phone. If it is, remove them and retry. Other than that, maybe try a different browser?

Edit: Because from what I can see, your code is correct…

please post all your code