Learn the Date Object by Building a Date Formatter - Step 28

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What might be wrong with my code at this point. Thanks.

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<!-- file: index.html -->

/* file: styles.css */

/* file: script.js */
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  switch (dateOptionsSelectElement.value) {
    case "yyyy-mm-dd":
      currentDateParagraph.textContent = formattedDate
    case "mm-dd-yyyy-h-m":
      currentDateParagraph.textContent =`${month}-${day}-${year}-${hours}-${minutes}`;`;

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Learn the Date Object by Building a Date Formatter - Step 28

Your answer should follow this format: mm-dd-yyyy h Hours m Minutes. Replace mm, dd, yyyy, h, and m with the month, day, year, hours, and minutes variables you created earlier.
You are missing the text within variables.


`${variableWeek} Week ${variable Sunday} Sunday`

You have missing the text Hours and Minutes.

currentDateParagraph.textContent = `${month}-${day}-${year}-${hours} Hours-${minutes} Minutes`;

I have the above code still not going through.

this doesn’t match what it was at the start of the step, maybe you need to reset the step, and then make sure to only change this line:

currentDateParagraph.textContent = ``;

this code doesn’t match the requested format of mm-dd-yyyy h Hours m Minutes
you should not have dashes after the year