Learn to code faster by working on a project

Hi guys,

I am a developer. I am working on a private project of mine. Its build on NodeJS/ExpressJS/VueJS. I thought it would be helpful to starters to work on a live project. So, if you want to work on it. Let me know.

You can work freely how you like.

I love to work with you. Please let me know. Thanks

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Thanks. You can join here in vs code insiders.liveshare.vsengsaas.visualstudio com/join?6F1D8BBC99F677290E7EFC79A1354ED71ED5

I can’t post links here. Add a . before com.

Yes I am interested. I want to learn Node JS tell me how you learned it?

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Sure. You can learn by working on the project

Use the link in vs code to connect to my project.

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Do you have discord?

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