Learn to Code together- PHP Forum etc

Hi all,
I would love to learn to code together with other People. My idea was to create a simple GitHub Project in PHP where we can work on a simple Project together. Right now I opened a repository for a Forum: where you can log in, make categories, write Posts, search for Posts, answer threads and so on. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome. Anyone can contribute. You should have a bit of Basic knowledge on PHP and mysql Syntax but those Basics you can look up here on freecodecamp quite quickly. So just respond if you’re interested or join the GitHub immediately:

I haven’t really started to do anything yet so we can do everythin together. If you’re a newbie and don’t know how things work on GitHub or the code, I’ll help you on.

I hope we’ll make something great together!
P.S. if you only want to do some front end design or whatever, you’re welcome of course!

Hey there, I am quite interested … I am a newbie and don’t know much about github. I am quite interested in PHP and MySQL so will try my best to learn it soon… Right now all I know is HTML /CSS/jquery/JS and bootstrap… I am not that that good in jquery and JS right now though…

It’s a nice idea, I’m sure you’ll get some collaborators. I don’t like PHP but hey, there’s people who do.

i’m interested in the project , I have (basic) knowledge in javascript, css and html ¿how can i join?.

  • Erretres

Hi there Aliin!
I am interested in joining your project. I will gladly do some front end coding. I don’t know much about back end yet but I will be more than eager to learn especially from other people!