Learn-typography-by-building-a-nutrition-label - Step 43

I can’t pass this step why


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I’m afraid I have no idea why you can’t pass this step, because I have absolutely no information to go off.

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Your code should look like this


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So its worded TERRIBLY. you have to nest the span around the starting two words.

its basically span class bolded | info | span | #mg | /span /span

by nesting the info with mg inside they both stay on the left side of the nutrition label making it more readable. and then you the last % and it will go right thanks to the flex-end justification thing in your css

span text span text /span /span span text /span


I am still struggling on the same place
span class=“bold”>Total Fat /span>8g
span class=“bold”>10% /span>
This does not seem wrong from what is described but I still get:
Your new p element should have the text Total Fat 8g 10% .

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