Learn typography by building a nutrition label Step 52

First post, please advise if I’m doing something wrong. When searching this issue, everyone’s talking about adding a cholesterol label, but, as you can see per my screenshot, it is only asking me to add a divider element, which I did. And I’m still stuck on it. There is no instruction to add cholesterol at all; I am very confused. Please help!

can be sometimes the code instruction is translated different by all people at times nobody nothing is perfect dont worry about it but the course does very good and is better than anyone can ask for learning code and you can be trying thats all it takes to continue in code try and if can read what is in #52 again and try new div after last sentence paragraph not after the whole divide hope can help am new here and dont want to give answer but help with you trying to fix thank you take care fren

Please post a link to the challenge, use the format button to add your code instead of using images. It makes it easier for us to copy your code and plug it in to the challenge ourselves. You can use the button that look like </> to enter your code

Just by taking a quick glance it looks like you add the new div after the last div element, not the last p element