Learncode.academy youTube channel has launched a learn Nodejs course at $20 for 3 days only

Hi all came across this youTube channel recently and have being loving it as i find he is very good and explains most stuff simple and clearly.

He has just launched a learn Nodejs course for $20 for the first 3 days after that goes up to $40 …

I decided to give it a shot and thought id post about the offer here in case anyone else would be interested … but if not his channel is well worth visiting and checking out the range of videos he has … i love his videos on modular javascript and being also watching his Ajax and api videos which i loved as he provided a online api that you can get request push , post and delete … which was great to try out.

forgot to say … the course is all video with no time and you can also download all the videos if you want.