Learned HTML/CSS/JS but I don't know what to build

A’right, I went through the entire Brad Traversy’s course on HTML/CSS. was pretty good, learned a lot, I even did his challenges before seeing the lectures, now I’m on the last two section of his JS course, but I got bored and wanted to build my websites…

I know I just learnt the basics and I shouldn’t aim higher (like doing some fancy animations and transitions…), but I really don’t know what to build, what content to put on the website, I started to build a hotel website, used a few libraries, then In the middle of it, I didn’t know what to do…

Any suggestions guys?

what do you mean a hotel website? Like a listing site? You could create a listing page of different hotels and then us JS to sort them or display them in different ways depending on user inputs?

You might want to check out the projects on freeCodeCamp.org.

You could also check out https://www.frontendmentor.io/