Learning basic Computer Science for application/interview prep

Can anyone suggest any good resources for learning a basic foundational knowledge of CS principles? Lately I’ve applied for a few jobs where a BSc in CS was listed as an advantage (but not a requirement) only to find myself stumped by pre-interview questions on that topic.

I’m not looking to attain anything like a degree level knowledge of CS but it would be reassuring to cover this stuff at a basic level, maybe an online course I could work through in a week or two if anyone can suggest one?


  1. CS50 edx by MIT - Introduction to Computer Science
    • Cost: free
    • Just an overall amazing intro into computer science. They assume no prior programing knowledge so don’t worry. If there is a part of it you feel you already know, watch the video anyways but at 1.5x speed.
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Great, this looks to be exactly what I’m looking for, thanks.