Learning basic CSS by building a cafe menu

i need help cus it aint making no sense so if one of u smart kids can help me just yk let me know so i can get passed this lesson pls and thank u and i am on page 27

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Pls can u post ur code so we can help u?

yes i will post it give me a second pls.

Cafe Menu
    <h1>CAMPER CAFE</h1>
    <p>Est. 2020</p>

Sorry pls can u also post a link to the question

You don’t have a opening div tag

im new to this so i dont know how to send the link on here, but all i need to do is put a opening div tag ?

i did that and it didnt work but thank you for ur help tho

Can u post ur new code and then tell us which step?

wait… who is us bc now im getting scared someone might be watching my every more. :face_with_peeking_eye:

The whole forum is watching :laughing:

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oh… that scared me i kidnapped and beat. but i still dont know how to send a link for the code that i am on… and also is it 8:54 pm for u ?

Just tell me which step u are.

i am on learning basic CSS by building a cafe menu and im on page 27

You are to set the “class” of the “div element” to “menu”

that still dont make sense bc it aint working so can u like give me the answer pls? unless u dont know it either than thats fine i can ask someone else.

you can restart the task and make sure that all items have open and close tags in the right places

The instruction: " To apply the class’s styling to the div element, add a class attribute to the div element’s opening tag and set its value to menu ."

<element class="smth"></element>

‘div’ is an html element here,
‘class’ is its attribute,
“smth” is a value of the class and its name is “menu”