Learning by viewing the work of others

Is there a place one could go to look at other, experienced, programmers code, to learn? I have learned a lot so far however, I feel like I could learn more if I had something to apply what I have learned, to. Thank you

I’d try looking at open source Python projects on GitHub and I’d consider trying to contribute to those projects. There are often open issues labeled beginner-friendly to help get new folks involved!

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Learning to READ code is very different than learning to WRITE code. It’s still a useful skill, but different. Many people feel like they are making a lot of progress because they can read code, understand it, and modify it for themselves but then find themselves totally lost when they try to create something from scratch. All of this to say: I wouldn’t put too much effort into trying to find code to look at. You’ll learn so much more by building something yourself and getting help on moving your code forward instead of taking someone else’s code and trying to backtrack it.


I understand the difference between reading and writing code, I was just looking for real-world applications. I am not intelligent enough to just look at something, play with it, and understand it. Tend to make things more difficult than they are.