Learning C#, looking for courses/recommendations

I am thinking of learning C# as looking on job boards recently, a few are looking for C# and reading up on it, it’s very in demand/popular nowadays.

Therefore, I have made the decision to go and learn it. Does anyone have any courses that they would recommend to learn from…?

Bob Tabor course is really good.


At first I learned everything from W3Schools
Once I finished I continued to learn more deeply on CodeCademy.
I hesitated first… is it worth cutting in or not? At least I started to learn at end of April.
I can’t even describe how good a decision it was to start …
I can only recommend you.

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Hey Ethan,

I would like to add Microsofts own documentation when trying to learn C#. There are som labs available over at Microsoft Learn | Microsoft Docs.

I think this path might be a good fit.
Hope it helps. Good luck with your studies :slightly_smiling_face: