Learning Capabilities

Am I the only one who follow the instructions, run the test then it comes out successful but not sure if you actually learned anything from it?

@jazzycrandall If you think you haven’t learned anything, open your IDE and create some projects with what you learned. For example if you learned about HTML/CSS you should build some website. Then you will know that you have learned it or not. If you get stuck just go back to FCC review about what you have get stuck.

Try it, it is a good practice.
Hope This Help

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the reality is that the challenges are just showing what the language is capable of

you will start learning when you start doing projects, and have to research how to do things, choose the approach, meet frustration

it’s normal


Where can I find the IDE on the site?

repl is a browser IDE and Visual Studio Code for downloading in your machine.

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ok thanks a lot I’ll give it a try