Learning code for beginners?

Hello everyone, I’m a new coder and I wanted to ask a question. When first learning how to code HTML, CSS, Java, did you guys get it all at once, or was it a gradual learning over time? I wanted to ask because I’m learning the basics right now and I’m trying to remember everything which is kinda difficult and wanted to know if anyone else had this problem. Also, is coding just a case of practice makes perfect? I’ve been coding for a few weeks which of course isn’t enough time to remember or even learn everything, but I just wanted to see if anyone else had these problems of information overflow when first learning. Thank you for anyone that took the time to read this lengthy post. :smiley:

This is a gradual learning stuff as this focuses more on practicality than theory so its difficult to get it all at once. It took me really long time to get much of the basics into my mind so don’t worry about it and take your time to understand it. It took me more than a month to solidify my understanding of the language.

Regarding coding ,it does perfect your understanding of the concepts but it still takes time to get it all right. But practicing the concept continuously after theory about it solidifies your understanding.


Yes, programming is a matter of practice makes perfect, it is not easy to grasp it all at once.

When it’s me, no. I have to revise a lot.

You’ve got to revise again, again and again. Taking notes could be helpful. But repeated practice is the key to mastering your skills


I’m still at a lower level of experience, but trial and error has helped me a lot. The thing about the projects and puzzles on here is that the information they give you prior is not all inclusive and imo its by design. I have learned a ton through making mistakes. It is information overload sometimes but it comes together.

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Hi @arathgomez !

Nope :sweat_smile:

It is common to forget a lot.
You have to give it time and practice.

Everyone does.
There is a lot of information and it is a new way of thinking.

The best way to retain the concepts is the constantly build projects.


Hi, welcome!
To reinforce everyone’s recommendation to do projects:
One great thing I’ve found about learning through doing projects isn’t only the practice it gives you, but that you often get stuck and make mistakes. Making those mistakes, figuring them out, and overcoming them, may be the best way to become a better coder (or probably anything else, for that matter!).
Good luck!


Greetings though!
Really good time to start learn coding for beginners.
In this case(Covid) you should have lot of time to learn the trending techniques with the Experts.
Do you want to get into the career as a web developer you can start the basic course of Web development like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and make sure to engage with the Advance Web development like React or Angular. Which makes you top in the Job Market.
Have a Great day.

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