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Subsequent to learning; does FreeCodeCamp.org encase a substantial amount of javascript content within the curriculum to better reinforce my abilities into the skills towards confidently enrolling myself into providing services and equip me for building websites or apps? Nevertheless I do believe there are other sites based off of my explorative exploitation throughout the youtube, I just would be amazed to discover that this website thoroughly has a syllabus with versatility and integrated broad development of constructs in which prepare the student and helps establishes ones understanding of the mores of coding. How does it to relate; “what is coding like”? e.g. ( its like building a house or an engine and each language is a tool specific to how one wants that house or engine to look and or perform…? thank you for your time my codefam! I find myself very interested in the algorithmic arithmetic and abc’s of coding…

There are quite a few similar educational curricula around along the same lines as FCC, with small differences - some focus on Ruby/Rails, for example, while others may focus on Python as the back end of choice.

But most of them give a solid foundation of HTML, CSS, javascript, some sort of back end, some sort of api, some sort of front-end framework intro (React, Vue, etc), and usually some sort of additional ‘extra study’ (similar to FCC’s Interview Questions section, which is many many MANY lessons, often integrating more than one of the above aspects.

Will FCC make you a top-notch grade-a world-class master coder? Not in and of itself. None of them will. You will have to learn the basics, and apply the basics, and research a LOT. You will have to figure out how to synthesize the things you’re learning into something that makes sense to you, and you’ll have to flesh out the lessons with additional learning on your own.

It is a common practice, both here and on other online courses, to form study groups. Get involved with some, and use them to push yourself and others in the group to combine the various front-end components you’d like to learn (HTML/SCSS/TypeScript/React, say).

It is always suggested that, as you learn more and more of the basics, find github projects to connect with and contribute to. These will give you the opportunity to see how others are doing what you are wanting to do, and will allow you to connect to them and to develop your own skillset.

So the short answer is, will any online school turn you into Douglas Crockford? No. Only you can do that. Start learning, start pushing your limits, and start making something new. You can. The curriculum matters less, to my mind, than the intent and interest of the student.


Brilliant SM thank you for your thorough metaphorical response that also beheld analogies congruent to my learning development and resourceful outlook that will surely help during my navigational browsing. For someone interested in Javascript such as myself would you say that FCC of the few from which you referenced above in your opinion focuses more with java than other languages ? Thanks for your time.

with java? not so much. The backend of choice with FCC would be either Node, or (I think) python.

That said, learning javascript should be largely agnostic of the back-end. If an API is written properly, the client should never need know in which language that API was written. The response data returned from a well-written API in Node, or PHP, or perl, or Ruby or (shudder) COBOL, should all return the same data structures to the client.

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