Learning CSS layout

Over the years of messing with CSS, layout is something I keep coming back back to and something I continue to find difficult to get right. I’m making a more concerted effort to learn it properly but still feel pretty far from comfortable with it – rather than truly understanding it I feel like it’s all trial and error until I luck out and get something at least similar to what I’d intended.

Does anybody have any advice on how to get a solid understanding of these concepts? I’ve read the Learn CSS Layout website but like a lot of the resources it only seems to skim over the topics.

This is a tough question to answer as I don’t know how much experiences you have with CSS.

To get solid understanding of anything, simply learning from tutorials isn’t enough.
Tutorials are there to get you up to speed from Point A to Point B and a lot of times, you simply forget what you learn or have no clue what it is written until you experienced what it is saying.

To get beyond that of just knowing CSS, you’ll have to start doing projects using vanilla CSS to build static websites and applications and start asking more specific question about CSS. Such as, “how can I do a perfect center without using flex? or bootstrap?

I do a lot of trial and errors myself, but more importantly, I do projects using vanilla everything to squeeze out what I don’t know. Perhaps you can do what I do, replicate website layout and see how much you don’t know.