Learning how to use p5.js for Gen Art

Hi, do I need to program in JS before I lean p5.js? Do I learn JS first or p5.js? I’m only interested in learning how to create gen art as I am a graphic designer. Thanks.

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No, purpose of it is as a teaching tool; you will learn some JS by following through the tutorials, enough to then create with it. Once you’re at that point may be useful to then look at understanding JS better.

It may help to know JS before starting, but I’m not sure it’ll give you any advantage, and possibly disadvantages you. p5 & processing tutorials tend to purposely use an extremely simple style of programming. That in turn tends to cause an issue that if you know JS already you end up fighting with p5 by trying to apply various best practices instead of just following what a given explanation is telling you to do (YMMV, though).

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