Learning JavaScript experience - practice material needed

Hi guys.
It’s been a little less than a week since I started learning JavaScript. I feel like things are going well as far as understanding the concepts, however I feel like I can’t cement what I’ve learned unless I get my “hands dirty”. I’m a very hands on learner.
So I guess my question is where can we get some examples for practice what we learned so far? I’m 30% through JS course and I feel like I need to take some time and practice what I’ve learned.
I researched on google and all the practice examples seem to be way too advanced for me.

I also tried w3 schools and there are some nice practice exercises but a lot of times it takes me way ahead from where I’m at right now.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you

What do you define as 30% of the JS course? The Basic JavaScript section or the entire JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures curriculum? If you are referring to the Basic JavaScript section, then you need to complete it first. After that, you will definitely get your “hands dirty” with the Data Structures and the Basic and Intermediate Algorithm challenges.

Thank you Randell for your response.

Yes I was referring to JS basics section. I guess I’m kinda freaking out because I haven’t coded in like 4 days or so. It does help when I get some guidance from people like you. I really appreciate it.


There is also nothing stopping you from going back in to previous challenges and click the Reset All Code button and working through a challenge again. I remember doing that on some of the challenges when I was first working through the Basic JavaScript section.

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