Learning JavaScript suppose to be this difficult?

Is it normal that I am not really retaining the JS curriculum very well? I am just asking because it seems to be pretty tough to get the hang of- at least at first it does. Maybe I am being a little impatient. Anyways, I am about to be done with the first section!

If you guys have any other resources out there to better understand JavaScript, feel free to share a link or source!

I would appreciate it very much!


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Learning to program is HARD. Programming is hard.

HAHA! Yes it is. I guess it was kind of a wake up call coming from HTML and CSS. It’s like I went from easy to-- I don’t know what I just learned. Or, I don’t even know what I don’t know.

I am glad that you said this though because sometimes I think that others get it really easily while I am just stuck trying to figure out a challenge.

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There will be hills and valleys. You’ll be better served by spending more time on challenges, tinkering with the code even after you pass the tests, than you will by just pressing forward without feeling like you know what you just did.

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it 's hard but you have to stick on it all the time ,it is like when we want to run ,
at the first time we can not run a long distance ,but day after day ,and step by step you will see yourself able to run the first distance so easily without being tired ,and maybe you can talk and run at the same time ,that’s how you can get javascript or anything in this life ,at the first time it is hard but if you have that mindset wich changes any thing negative to positive you will be able to pass any challenge even if you get stuck on it a week or more you can not be defeated .