Learning map being reset

I’ve finished my html primer and moving to container and suddenly the tutorial clears all my previous achievements. how do I get it back? should I redo all the tutorial all over again? thank you

You can go to freecodecamp.com/yourusername to view all your previous solutions.

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thats the problem. its back at the beginning. eventhough ive finished my html course. all my achievements have been reset back to 0.

Do you have more than one GH account? I tried going to freecodecamp.com/aidwiz and it says user does not exist.

no my account is https://www.freecodecamp.org/fcc1443f769. i dont know why i didnt get a user name. maybe im missing something.

Not sure, I would maybe go to team@freecodecamp.com and inquire about it, although you may need to give more info. Did you register with an email? github? Also, if you were doing the beta I don’t think they save progress.

maybe you are right coy. ive emailed the support team. thanks for the help btw. :grinning: