Learning path Javascript and React

Hi, I need a bit of advice.
How much of the ‘JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures’ course should I learn and practice before I could start to learn React? Should I do it entirely or maybe there is a point where I could start do both JS and React?

Is this list appropriate?

I guess when you feel more okei with JavaScript you could go with react, in the course of js it explains a lot of things.
If you finish all the lessons you will have a solid base to go to react, however if you want to do it all at the same time like me :sweat_smile: it’s another option, however i already have experience with java and c# so I’am famirialized with OO

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Ok, i move forward so.

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I’d recommend to go at least through these sections before starting to learn React:

  • Basic JavaScript
  • ES6
  • Basic Data Structures
  • Functional Programming
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