Learning Python for interview questions?

Recently I saw a video of a guy saying Python was probably the best language to perform in interview questions thanks for being the less verbose + other things.

I know a little bit of Python when I started leaning Data science (did it for about a month and a half) but mainly where I know to do stuff is in JS

Do you think it could be justified to finish learning python enough to do interview questions? (I would be doing from now on also all practice interview questions in Python obviously)

Or maybe don´t and just stick to Javascript? (I gotta say I kind of hate JS syntax a little bit and I liked a lot more Python simplicity)

Do the interview questions in the language you know best.

While I do have a preference of using Python in solving algorithm questions, I also learn most of my programming foundation through Python first, meaning I am familiar with its data structure and loop…etc. I’d suggest you use the language you are most proficient and don’t learn Python just for the sake of interview questions.

For one thing it is meaningless if it is relevant to the position you apply or the technologies you use. It’d be one thing if you are expanding your tool kit to include Python stack and tool(like data science tool like Numpy and scilearn…etc), but it probably doesn’t make a lot of sense learning it just to solve riddles that you don’t really need specific languages to solve