Learning Python - Wrong Choice?

Hi there,
this is my first post here :slight_smile:

I have basic knowledge of Html, CSS, JS, JOSN because of my job which is related to advertising and marketing. I know how to copy-paste the codes but I never code anything from the scratch.

Why do I want to learn Python?
I see in my industry “advertising & marketing” that companies and small entrepreneurs need data in order to understand better how to spend their money.

I see that Bots, scraping software, AI and automation are indispensable for some marketing operations.

That’s why I want to learn Python and start a new chapter of my career. Honestly I’ve already started to learn and I like it :slight_smile:

May I know what is your opinion about?

I really need some advice.


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Sounds about right. Python is definitely useful for the things you mentioned.

After you have learned the basics of writing code in any language that knowledge can be applied to other languages and will make learning other languages easier. So you are not locked into one language no matter which one you start with.

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Thank you for sharing you opinion :slight_smile:

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