Learning React and TypeScript?

Hello there. I hope this is the right thread.

Anyway I have a problem and I would like to have your opinion. I’m a PHP Developer and in my current job I have to work with React and Typescript.

I don’t know why, but I am unable to create even the easiest app in React by myself without tutorials. I have been learning React for about 3 days I guess. But this thing won’t get in my head.

Could you give me some advice to learn React? I don’t know why, but I’m just more comfortable with PHP syntax and all this magic in React doesn’t give a sense for me.

Thank you and happy coding!

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Hey there,

I would not expect anyone to create anything in React after only 3 days. At this point, I would expect someone to be looking at others’ work - tutorials included - for almost everything.

I would not be so hard on yourself about this. React is a specific library (I want to say framework, but this is mixed), and is quirky in its unique way.

I am not very familiar with PHP, so I cannot describe React in those terms, but if you are comfortable with JS, then I always recommend this video:
Deconstructing React || Tejas Kumar - YouTube

It goes a bit deeper into the inner workings of React, and I find the style it is presented as entertaining (which is always a plus, in my books).

In case you were unaware, freeCodeCamp has a course on React: Front End Development Libraries | freeCodeCamp.org
It is considered out-dated, as it teaches class-based components (as opposed to functional components w/ hooks). Otherwise, it is just a nice way to walk through common concepts to React.

Hope this helps

Hey Alex,

Most concepts are new for developers with different backgrounds.
Read the docs for at least 1 week. Build the Tic Tac Toe from the tutorial.
Then try to rebuild it just with the explanations, not looking at the code.


So you’re trying to learn JavaScript, React and TypeScript simultaneously? I’d say that it’s a bad idea. Start with a simple ToDo app using JavaScript, then recreate it using React, then add TypeScript.

Is it going to get updated?

Actually no. I’m intermediate in Javascript I would say. So I know a little bit more than the basics. But yeah… I have tasks where I have to work with React and TS and I never worked with these before.

not really, it is going to be substituted with the project-based curriculum, which is on pair with current standards

Yeah, React is weird when you first start. It is weird and different and things seem not to make sense. Until you “get it” - then it is magical and wonderful.

After 3 days, I would not expect to be nailing it. This especially true if JS wasn’t “my thing” yet - you mention PHP but not JS. You also mention TS - that would make it incrementally more complicated if you aren’t used to it.

Just stick with it, read the docs, code along with some youtube videos - that’s how I got it.

Then I would advise you to go through some React crash course (there are ton on youtube, usually about an hour long), but without TypeScript. Become somewhat comfortable.
Then do a crash course on TypeScript (without React).
Then I’d recommend you to take a simple React project (e.g. a ToDo app) and gradually convert it to TypeScript - it will be a good (and frustrating) learning experience.

Yeah that sounds good! Thank you very much! Will do it in exact order!