Learning to code and computers

How can I learn to code and start coding for real?Is it possible to use stars like computers like starcomputers?

What do you mean “coding for real”? This is coding, for real. There are some aspects of building a functioning web page that are not directly covered, but there are just a few steps. But this is still coding. For real.

What do you mean “stars like computers like starcomputers”? What is preventing you from “learning to code”?

I need to practice coding as well as English, do you have any suggestiongs?I meant using stars to compute code like dyson computer shperes, do you think it’s possible?

As far as practicing English, I think the best way is just to do it. I’m sure you can find people to practice with. And maybe some native English speakers that want to practice your language as an exchange.

I meant using stars to compute code like dyson computer shperes, do you think it’s possible?

You mean a Matrioshka Brain, the science fiction concept of a Dyson Sphere like network surrounding a star and functioning as a solar system size super-super-super computer? Uh, perhaps in a few millennia. But I think it’s best not to wait. There are plenty of computers capable of handling FCC on Earth now.

How does it work?I read the entry, is it doable?

It’s a science fiction concept. I don’t know. If I can get my flux capacitor to work, I’ll hop in my DeLorean time machine and go see. Wait here, I’ll be right back. :wink:

Nice, how long will it take?

That’s an odd question to ask about a time machine.

Ask and you shall receive, isn’t it?

OK, this has been fun, but this is a site devoted to web development, not discussing science fiction concepts. If you have a question involving web development, I would suggest opening a new thread and asking there. There are other forums on the web for discussing science fiction. I’m going to close this topic.