Learning to code with full time job

hey guys

This is my first post, so farIm really enjoying code camp but find it difficult to really commit due to having a full time job. Did any of you guys learn to code while working full time that led to a developer job and how did you go about it ?

atm I get up at 6am and code till 8am before i leave for work then after work i go to the gym and by the time im home showered and eaten i might have another half an hour or so before bed

It’s perfectly doable under your circumstances. You’ll just have to have a more specific learning strategy to make the most of the your time.

What I’d recommend is to do a lesson, then read up on it some more in the same session to make sure you grasp the concept.

Maybe even go back to the freecodecamp test and try some experiments to test what you’ve read. The actual test will fail, but you can view the results of your trials using the browser devtools and console.log.

I found seeing the results of my assumptions more valuable than just passing the provided tests. Not because they were better, but because I got to see more variations.

Happy Coding!

I just came across this article today which might help: https://medium.freecodecamp.org/how-to-find-time-in-your-busy-schedule-to-learn-de1b641a8377