Learning to use JS with HTML and CSS

I’m almost done with the JS algo and DS cert here. I’m interested in learning more about integrating JS into HTML and CSS in a real code editor. A common refrain of advice I hear is to build stuff on your own to learn how to fail, debug, fix, etc. I have downloaded VS code and github and have a good understanding of both I think. It seems that most tutorials I find integrating JS to HTML and CSS have a lot of code I’m very unfamiliar with based on the JS I’ve learned here so far. Anybody have a good resource on learning to use JS “in the real world” so to speak? Or should I wait for the front end libraries part of the curriculum to start doing that stuff?

Hi @btcannavo !

It sounds like you are unfamiliar with the DOM which is not discussed until the front end section with react.

Here are some good sources to use to get started with the DOM

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