Learning Wide or Deep?

I want to get a web developer job (clearly) but I am also thinking about long term learning.

However in order to just land a webdev job, is it better to learn deep or wide?

I.e. should I only learn few languages/scripts/etc but learn them throuroughly to a high level (deep), or learn about a lot of things throughout the full stack but just at the basics (wide)??

Hope this makes sense


I don’t know what type of background you do have at the moment, either professionally or academically, but if you want to get a web developer job, you must first conquer the fundamental concepts of programming.
Every job interview you will go to, will initially ask you questions regarding design principles, algorithms, run time and so forth.

So my advice would be to learn deep, rather than wide.

Thank you for your answer.

I’m in full time work in non computing field. I did computing at school but nothing since then.

At the moment I’m on the javascript module for FCC ( not the beta version) and on Colt Steele’s Bootcamp on Udemy.

So far I’ve basically learnt basic html, css, bootstrap and javascript.

Will FCC cover these? If not where is best to study these?
I did Computing A level a while ago, and I’m assuming you are talking about the more CS concepts like bigO notation and whatnot?

I would say both. Start off learning how to code in one language, making sure to get the underlying programming concepts which can then be applied to many languages. But you have to also go wide to get a feel for all the tools that you can eventually add to your toolbox.