Left coding bootcamp to join FreeCodeCamp

Left a coding boot camp after realizing that I was learning better on my own. I was barely using the material in the boot camp I found better resources outside of the boot camp for free. It didn’t make sense to me to pay 30k for a boot camp when you can find the same stuff online for free


Welcome to our community. Happy coding!


Awesome @naomi22. I’m excited to hear how that goes. I am about to start a coding boot camp this month but am nervous I’m paying a lot just to find out what you have.
Last year when I was doing the self-study route I found that FCC helped introduce subjects but wasn’t nearly enough to really understand them. For instance, after you’ve done FCC’s html & css sections you theoretically should know how to make a website… but you don’t know about editors yet and I really wasn’t retaining much from FCC’s lessons.
Ultimately I came up with this web dev & react-focused curriculum and got about half-way through before signing up to a boot camp. If I flunk out I’ll probably just jump right back on this wagon. Curious what you think of it (btw “Neagoie” refers to an instructor on Udemy):


Khan Academy HTML sections

FC Camp HTML basic

Review Neagoie HTML notes

Review HTML5 features (https://www.codecademy.com/articles/html5-features)

Review style guide (https://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_syntax.asp)

W3Schools HTML quiz (https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_quiz.asp)


(part i - basic css)

Finish Khan Intro to HTML & CSS course

FC Camp CSS basic

FC Camp Applied Visual Design section

FC Camp Applied Accessibility section

CSS Surgeon game (https://codepip.com/games/css-surgeon/)

Review CSS3 features (https://www.upwork.com/hiring/development/css-vs-css3/)

Review Neagoie CSS notes

W3Schools CSS Quiz (https://www.w3schools.com/css/css_quiz.asp)

(part ii - css grid)

FC Camp Responsive Web Design Principles section

Youtube: Jen Simmons MDN grid intro (https://bit.ly/2wsie43)

Grid Garden game (https://cssgridgarden.com/)

FC Camp Grid sections

Read PDF about CSS Grid for Designers (NYT)

Udemy Neagoie - Entire CSS Grid + CSS Layout section

Review Neagoie Grid notes

Read this CSS Grid post (https://bit.ly/2nhwta3)

Outline Ohans Emmanuel’s front-end development process: from design outline to complete front-end. Create an Evernote note for it, and print it off as well.

Follow this short CSS Grid tutorial (https://scrimba.com/g/gR8PTE)

FC Camp Responsive Web Design projects #1 - 4

FC Camp Responsive Web design projects #5


Khan intro to JS

FC Camp Basic Javascript section

Udemy Neagoie ES6 section

FC Camp ES6 section

Khan Advanced JS 1: Games

Khan Advanced JS 2: Games and Visualizations

Khan Advanced JS 3: Natural Simulations

Udemy Neagoie ES7-ES9 review

Review ES10 features (https://bit.ly/2Qs7ADu)

Finish FC Camp Javascript curriculum

Khan Advanced JS 4: HTML & JS

W3Schools JS quiz (https://www.w3schools.com/js/js_quiz.asp)

Khan DOM

Neagoie DOM videos

Odin Project DOM (https://bit.ly/2wkYEq9)

FC Camp JS projects

Wes Bos JS 30 (https://javascript30.com/)

Developer Tools

Finish all Neagoie sections before React

Wes Bos CSS Grid (https://cssgrid.io/) placing this here because it has JS

Learn about & apply CSS BEM writing standards (https://bit.ly/2VTWDeO)

Customize VS Code - download and install a new theme, and install 3 most common extensions

Review Khan Git article (https://bit.ly/2JKgTOn)

Review Neagoie dev tools sections, particularly CL and Git

Web Dev Finalization:

FC Camp CSS Grid blog post projects (https://bit.ly/2W44StR)

Review basic design principles (https://bit.ly/2AU8AK8)

Youtube resource (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxrsO4aIjyc&t=3s)

Begin using for all sites: html validator (https://validator.w3.org/)

Make dad a responsive new website with all of his old links

Build mom a musician website to book her quartet for events

Build a responsive website for a friend

See if Tommy wants a portfolio website

Ask Kev if he wants me to update his site for free

See if Brant wants a website (possible reference: https://chouwenchung.org/)

Ask Luke if he wants a website

Break: Read “Getting Real” by 37signals (https://basecamp.com/books/Getting%20Real.pdf)


Read this post on React (https://sebastiandedeyne.com/why-i-prefer-react-over-vue/)

Read this Reddit article on React vs Vue (https://www.reddit.com/r/javascript/comments/8o781t/vuejs_or_react_which_you_would_chose_and_why/e01qn55/)

Neagoie React section

FC Camp React

Wes Bos React


Read this article on PWAs (https://bit.ly/2WAjBbK)

Take Max S’s Udemy PWAs course …

Final Projects:

Finish Neagoie

Read “You Don’t Know JS” book 1: Up and Going

(link: https://github.com/getify/You-Dont-Know-JS)

Build social media app from FCC tutorial (link: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/react-firebase-social-media-app-course/)

Youtube: David Mosher - So you want to be a front-end engineer

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Which boot camp is it ? This curriculum has a lot of the same topics my boot camp went through. By editors do you mean like a software you use to write your code ? The way I see it is that some people have to join boot camps because they need movation or they just know they get distracted on their own and need a strict curriculum. If you were to look right now at your boot camp curriculum you can see the topics you guys will go over and you can use that to teach yourself if you like being self taught. But it’s not for everyone I left my boot camp after I learned HTML CSS and A bit of java script which is basically front end. I left before I had to pay them any money. In my boot camp if you leave in the first 4 weeks it’s free after that you start paying but only if you get a job making 50k or more . If you don’t get a job it’s free. Yes you do learn a lot but it’s in a very fast pace well I mean in the boot camp I was in. For example we learned CSS in one week lol. But of course we had to do a precourse already on html and css and Javascript before starting so you should already have some knowledge. I didn’t like moving to a new topic so fast because at times I felt like i was learning too fast to fully understand. But I can say I did learn a lot and I know more after that experience so I felt confident to continue this journey on my own. There are a lot of boot camps out there make sure you do your research you can even look up on YouTube if anyone has joined the same boot camp. But what I can say is I do miss the extra movitivtion . But if you want it bad you have to keep working hard. Also I get that at times self taught can be a challenge you feel like you might be doing it wrong or learning the wrong things and if you get stuck u might not have anyone to help you. But you shouldn’t give up when you get stuck I barely got any help in the boot camp I would just search up for the problem on google and that’s also what the boot camp will tell you search it up on google and that’s what you will also be doing in the real world . Also are you already familiar with git hub and git bash?

What bootcamp was it? I’m considering a bootcamp but want to first finish FCC’s curriculum. Im currently on the regular expressions part of the JS certification and understand pretty much everything up to this point except CSS grid.

Can you share which bootcamp it was you went to? A clue.
Curious in the southland. Say only if its safe.

Welcome on board. Here you will find lots of useful materials, and the community is awesome, very supportive!

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