Legacy certificate project requirements

I’m trying to finish the legacy Front End certificate, but can’t seem to find the old requirements for those projects. I reverted to pulling up some via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, but other links there are redirects to the new project requirements. It seems odd to still offer legacy certification without having the project requirements available. Does anyone know how to pull up the old requirements that accompanied legacy projects?

I suggest just doing the projects as they are written now. The reason that the legacy certificates exist is so that the students who had already worked on projects following the existing requirements at the time wouldn’t have the goalposts moved on them.

If it’s really important to you to find the old user stories, then you probably can find them with The Wayback Machine if you work at it or you can dig through the history of the GitHub repo. My opinion is that it would be a lot of time and effort for no good reason.

just curious, what is the main difference between current certification and legacy certification other than different spelling?