Legacy Pomodoro Clock Project User Stories

Where can I find the user stories for the legacy version of the Pomodoro Clock Project?

The user stories of the Pomodoro Clock project currently found under “Front End Libraries Projects” are significantly different than the legacy version. As I plan to complete the legacy front end certification and have already invested significant time in developing a solution using the legacy criteria, I would like to review the legacy user stories to ensure my project fulfills those objectives.

Since the Pomodoro Clock project is still a certificate project, the older version of the project description isn’t on FCC anymore. I did find it using Wayback Machine.

Thank you for the resource.

After examining the new curriculum, I noticed the “Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage” project has been significantly revised as well.

For anyone needing the requirements for the legacy “Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage”, I found them using the WayBack Machine as well.