Legacy Simon Game

Hey everyone!

I decided after about a year of dedicated Nodejs coding that I’d try to recreate one of the first projects I completed for FCC - the Simon Game! I gave myself a challenge, however; to complete it as fast as possible without looking at the previous or other examples possibly on the web! That said, the project took me about 2 hours to complete the second go-around (beats the heck outta the nearly 1 week for the original!)

Here’s the original from roughly 2-3 years ago: Original

And here’s the speedy one from today: Speedy

I’m looking for some feedback on what you guys might’ve done differently if you’d put yourself through the same challenge. As I said, I tried to do it as fast as possible, so aside from making it work with generic viewports, it’s only as optimized as I thought of while typing :sweat_smile:

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