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I am building the Random Quote Generator for the Front-End Libraries projects, and I was wondering if I would run into any legal problems if I did a themed Random Quote Generator like Star Wars or The Office?

Unless the quote generator is for commercial use, you wouldn’t run into much of a issue. Technically you are using someone else’s intellectual property without permission. However, both of those series are so popular your small front end project seen by a few people is not a big deal. The chances the companies ever seeing your project with thousands of others just like it around the internet is small.

Companies care when people start making money off of the copyrited material. Otherwise, you are only advertising the material and I wouldn’t see why they would have a issue. If Disney ever decided to take down fan’s projects it would be bad publicity, which is why they don’t do it (unless they are selling it).

Ok, thanks a lot for the information :slight_smile:

Hello there,

Also to add: Do not forget about legal issues around the brand - if a company/trademark think you are impersonating them, or defacing (through fraud) then this will be a major legal issue.

Most of the time (all of the time), you are free to mention a company/trademark. However, a trademarked entity has full legal rights to request changes, if you use their brand (e.g. logo). If I use Coca-Cola’s logo, and misshape it, they can enforce changes.

For example, here is the freeCodeCamp style guide:

  • It details how to size and colour the logo, because that is part of the brand.

Hope this helps


Yep, for a simple side project that no one is ever going to see but the good folks who hang out here you have nothing to worry about.

My wife used to sell little refrigerator magnets on Etsy. They were like glass stones with a flat side which she would glue pictures on so you could see them through the glass when they were stuck to your fridge. Most of the pictures were generic things like flowers and cute little kitty cats, but she was really into Futurama at the time and so she decided to make some with Fry, Bender, Leela, the Professor, etc… She didn’t sell that many of them but sure enough about three months in she got a cease and desist letter from Fox. If she made twenty bucks on them I’d be surprised. But those big companies are very good at protecting their copyrights :slight_smile:


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