Legality of using a logo off the web

Hello, I have a question about Legality and… err maybe ethics? I am just starting on this Landing page challenge! and after struggling to come up with a logo I thought I would ask about this:
a) I am no artist
b) I can look about for existing logo’s but what is the best practice here? Do I just scour google images and find a random logo that looks good? Or is there a special place that one can find “legal” logo’s?

I found one that has no text… but (gulp!) it feels weird to “steal” one… even if its for this exercise!

I created a new topic for your question, because it was completely unrelated to the thread you replied to.

Did you ask for permission to use the logo from the creator? If not, it could be a copyright violation. When in doubt, don’t do it. You can search the web for “royalty free images” and you should be able to find some websites which have them. You will have to read their TOS, because they still may require you post a link back to them or a blurb about where you got the image.

Royalty free images may also cost money. The are free, in that you can use them how you wish (depending on license) but you still pay for them.

That’s how companies do it, they pay a design or artist to make a logo.

Best practice is to buy a logo custom made from an artist, create one yourself, or cobble one together from stock images you purchase. Anything else is a copyright violation. And could be a trademark violation if the owner of the logo trademarked it.

Consider though that you can create a logo with CSS art as well.

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