Legitimate fellowships/associates programs?

Based on the advice of my sister and because I was flooded with interviews, I didn’t respond to a solid associate developer offer that was low-balled for my area but was reasonable in what they asked me to do.

The other interviews didn’t pan out, and it’s too late to regret it so I wanted to ask if there were legitimate fellowships that paid more than minimum wage.

Upwork is flooded with people doing work for $10 an hour, craigslist in my area (monterey) has more crickets than posts. I can’t commute to san fran consistently without a steady paycheck.

I’m well beyond the basics and currently learning very basic collision detection as well as some more angular but not the level of a cs grad who has lots of team projects and several internships under his/her belt.

I applied but am dropping a salary share program that reddit said not to do (15% of your salary for two years is too much - Modern Labor) am looking into Apprenti as well as applying to Microsoft LEAP.

If any of you have other suggestions I’d greatly appreciate it. For now though I need to work on my portfolio and show rather than say what i can do.