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Hola, quería saber qué significa exactamente “Emmet”. Sé que son una manera de facilitar la programación abreviando pasos, pero quería saber exactamente qué significa. Me ayuda mucho saberlo. (me encanta la etimología, y me ayuda saber estas cosas a la hora de aprender)

Are you asking about the origins of the name?

It used to be called Zen Coding and as far as I can tell Emmet is just a brand name.

Emmet v1.0 released

Firstly, the name has changed. Emmet will be a brand for new tools and not all of them will be related to coding.

Note: The above is a Google translation.

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Thank you . But Iwant to know the origin of the acronym. I understand what it does.
Well, waves!! :green_heart: :orange_heart: :wave:.

Like I said, it is a brand name, not an acronym.

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Ah is not an acronym? aha. Ok. thank you.