Lennon Tribute Page

my 1st project.
is this what they want??


Hi DeJoWa!

I can give you some tips to help you with your tribute page:
You can center your two first images in your div.row giving them the css style text-align: center.
You could also give some padding to your body in the css to make the website look cleaner.
To see the tittle of the page better I would give it some padding.
I would also center the p.quote for clarity.
You could set your images sizes to ( for example width: 800px height: auto) and you could center them too.
In short, I will suggest you work a little bit in the styling to practise some CSS.

Hope it helps!
Keep coding :smile:

Yep, this meets all the user stories! Congratulations on completing your first project.

Thanks for the comments! I made a few changes.


The next project, the Personal Portfolio Webpage, seems daunting.
There are things happening with the example that weren’t covered at all in the exercises!
So I have no idea. For instance, the purple banner at the top that is anchored while the rest of the page scrolls.