Leonard Cohen Quote Machine

Hey guys, here is my current quote machine. It is a Leonard Cohen quote machine. I’m really open to any critiques or suggestions. I’m looking to improve in anyway I can, so if you can give me specific things to try, or ways to improve I would love that.

Specific questions:
-I completed this using and array of quotes, and would love to try using an AJAX request. Does anybody know an API where I could get Leonard Cohen Quotes? I didn’t find anything yet.
-When I click the tweet button, the colour changes from blue to black, and I’m unsure why. Can anybody help?
-I would prefer to have the top of the page have less blank space. Is there anyway of cutting the top of an image with code (instead of editing the image it self)?


Great job!!

  1. Sorry dont know any leonard cohen api specifically.
  2. That is due to the :focus property in the css set currently as btn:focus{color:#333}
  3. You can set the image to a relative position and then move it via top or bottom.


Thanks for the tips! I will try and implement them now!