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So pretty much i get this messege “Something is not quite right. A report has been generated and the freeCodeCamp.org team have been notified”
For the first time since starting the course i’ve been that stuck that i had to copy and paaste from the tutorial and it still did not work. Am i that oblivious or is there an issue here?
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function caseInSwitch(val) {
var answer = "";
// Only change code below this line
switch(val) {
  case 1:
    answer = "alpha";
  case 2:
    answer = "beta";
  case 3:
    answer = "gamma";
  case 4:
    answer = "delta";

// Only change code above this line
return answer;

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Challenge: Selecting from Many Options with Switch Statements

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It works on my end. I’d try clearing your cache and logging back into freeCodeCamp.

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